Welcome To
Safer Environment & Technology Pty Ltd
( ASET )

Welcome To
Australian Safer Environment & Technology Pty Ltd ( ASET )

About ASET

Australian Safer Environment & Technology Pty Ltd (ASET) was established in June, 1999 and since then the Company has been serving both the Private Sector and Government. ASET has served over 750 clients and about 30 clients have used ASET over the last 22 years and continue to do so. ASET provides services as a Consulting firm in Environmental Science and Occupational Hygiene areas and runs it’s own NATA Accredited Laboratory. ASET’s Lab has held its NATA Accredited status over the last 22 years. ASET has two Occupational Hygienists and a Safework Australia Licensed Asbestos Assessor on board.

Our Projects

Defence -Caisson Project

Wet n’ Wild Project

Telstra pits Project

We Specialize in Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Investigations

Occupational Hygiene

1. Chemical Exposure assessments.
2. Occupational Noise Assessments.
3. Dust Exposure Assessments.
4. Asbestos Exposure Assessments.
5. Synthetic Mineral Fibre Exposure Assessments.
6. Silica Exposure Assessments.
7. Radiation Exposure Monitoring.

Environmental Services

1. Contaminated Land Assessments.
2. Environmental Noise Surveys.
3. Hazardous Material Surveys in Buildings.
4. Asbestos Material Surveys and Preparation
    of Asbestos Registers.
5. Indoor Air Quality Assessments in buildings.
6. Outdoor Air Quality Assessments.
7. Airborne dust Assessments by Air Monitoring.
8. Airborne Asbestos Assessments by Air Monitoring.
9. Airborne Synthetic Mineral Fibre Assessment
    by air monitoring.
10. Electromagnetic Field Assessments
       (EMF monitoring around High-Tension Power lines).

Laboratory Services

1. Identification of Asbestos Types in Bulk samples
    (Building and Environmental).
2. Soil sample analysis in accordance to AS4964-2004
    Standard and NEPM Standards.
3. Analysis of air filters for Asbestos airborne fibres and
    Airborne Synthetic Mineral Fibres.
4. Analysis of Lead content in paints (Through External NATA
    Accredited Laboratory).
5. Analysis of Lead content in Dust Samples
   (Through External NATA Accredited Laboratory).
6. Volume Measurements.
7. X Ray Diffraction testing of Silica, Asbestos
   (Through External NATA Accredited Laboratory).
8. Scanning Electron Microscopy testing for Asbestos,
    Airborne Asbestos Dust filters (Through
    External NATA Accredited Laboratory).

Our Testimonials

Fantastic client service from sample drop off to invoice, everyone there greets and serves with a smile, and the service is of great quality and reliability.

Service is good and they provide great quality samples, overall impressed with the work.

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